★ Banking

I’ve struggled with finding a good way to know my bank account balance on the go. Logging in to the bank’s app or website shows me what they know about, but future transactions don’t show up there, even if they’re in their own Bill Pay function. Mint has the same problem, but also gets flaky on pending transactions. I had been using Quicken Essentials for balancing, but Intuit has apparently decided there’s no need for an iOS version. 

So I’ve built my own structure. I wrote a script for Fake.app to log into my bank’s website, download the last few days of transactions and log out. I run this script every day. Hazel picks up the downloaded file and imports it into Moneywell, and then marks it as ok for deletion.

Moneywell has a number of interesting features, most of which I don’t use. What brought me to them was that their iPhone app syncs via Dropbox and is free for a single account… which is all I need to monitor. I had picked up a license for their Mac application a few years ago, so I upgraded to the current version and *poof* I now have up to date information on my current account balance and what upcoming expenses I have. 

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